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Tretinoin Skin Cream

Tretinoin Molecular Structure

Retirides is a Tretinoin (Retinoid) based Vitamin A face cream, also known by brand name Retin-A. Retirides is produced in Spain by Ferrer in 3 different strengths 0.025%, 0.05% and 0.1%.  Applied topically Retirides improves skin rejuvenation by increasing blood flow and cell turnover, boosting collagen and reducing pore size which help fight the signs of aging.  Retirides can also be used by people suffering from acne or certain types of skin discolouration issues.

Until recently Retirides was only available on prescription.  It has full FDA approval and has a proven track-record over many years.

Tretinoin cream is highly absorbent and has an immediate effect on the skin unlike Retinol cream which can take weeks to show any results.

The manufacturer of Retirides, Ferrer produces 3 different strengths:

  • 0.025 % for sensitive skin
  • 0.05 % for normal skin
  • 0.1% for accustomed skin

Instructions for use for first time users

It is always recommended that you use the lowest percentage (0.025%) to begin with until skin is fully accustomed to using Retirides cream. Then you may gradually build up to the highest percentage (0.1%) for maximum effect.

After your usual nightly washing routine allow skin to dry thoroughly before applying a pea sized amount to your face, avoiding the areas directly around the eyes, mouth and base of nose. Dab small amounts around effected areas and then gently smooth into the skin. Leave Retirides to work over night before your normal morning wash. Only use Retirides at night, once a day. Apply your normal sun protection during the day to avoid any sun sensitivity during high UV months (Summer/Skiing etc).
If any redness occurs simply apply only every 2nd or 3rd night until your skin has adjusted. Do not use if you suffer from highly sensitive skin or facial skin cancer or if you are pregnant. This cream contains highly active ingredients that shrink pore size, increase blood flow to the skin and gradually remove certain blemishes, giving the effect of younger looking and healthier skin. Retirides has been FDA approved and many leading dermatologists and doctors highly recommend its use to combat the signs of aging.




Ferrer Pharmaceuticals

Ferrer Pharmaceuticals

Ferrer International are located in Spain and have been producing some of the best and most highly absorbent Vitamin A creams on the market.

Their Vitamin A skin care products have been highly recommended by leading skin and beauty therapists including dermatologists.